Theoretical high energy physics covers a large area of research topics. These include developing mathematical tools and frameworks to advance our understanding of the standing issues in quantum gravity and/or employ these technical tools to address various problems ranging from condensed matter physics to particle physics and cosmology. Current project is devoted to the application of advanced mathematical tools to the condensed matter problems. The network includes the research teams from Armenia, Dubna (Associate team), Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine. Some of the individuals and scientists involved in this network are working on using quantum field theory on noncommutative space, supersymmetric quantum mechanics and the AdS/CFT framework for modeling certain condensed matter and mesoscopic problems, such as quantum Hall physics and Fermi liquids and superconductivity. Some others have been involved in studying the physics of black holes again using the AdS/CFT setup, concepts and ideas. This network is envisaged to provide an umbrella for bringing physicists with common interests in these areas closer and facilitate their scientific exchange and collaboration. We also envision of having a broad engagement of the students in the research above mentioned research areas.