Yerevan State University     |     Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover

Supersymmetry in Integrable Systems - SIS'10

International Workshop, 24-28 August 2010

Yerevan, Armenia

List of Participants

You can download the list of participants in .pdf format here

1 Mohab Abou-ZeidHannover
Noncommutative gravity with torsion and vortex solitons
2 Mikhail FeiginGlasgow
Generlized Calogero-Moser and Macdonald-Ruijenaars systems from Cherednik algebras
3 Rainald FlumeBonn
About matrix models
4 Tigran HakobyanYerevan
Invariants of the spherical sector in conformal mechanics
5 Kazuki HasebeKagawa
Fuzzy geometry, many-body physics, and supersymmetry
6 Peter HorvathyTours
SUSY, from QM to anyons
7 Alexey IsaevDubna
Algebraic approach to integrable spin chain models
8 Evgeny IvanovDubna
Harmonic superspace in one dimension: applications in N=4 SQM models
9 David KarakhanyanYerevan
10 Hovhannes KhudaverdianManchester
Geometry of second order operators and odd symplectic structures
11 Sergey KrivonosDubna
Hyper-Kahler sigma modles and non-abelian monopole background
12 Zhanna KuznetsovaSanto Andre
Supersymmetric multiplets embedding in different spaces. Formal construction.
13 Olaf LechtenfeldHannover
N = 4 multi-particle mechanics, WDVV equations and deformed root systems
14 Bum-Hoon LeeSeoul
Integrability and fnite size effects in dyonic magnons
15 Ruben ManvelyanYerevan
Interaction for higher spin gauge elds and Noether's procedure
16 Ruben MinasianSaclay
Internal structure of string vacua:from NON-geometric susy to NON-supersymmetric geometry
17 Ruben MkrtchyanYerevan
18 V.P.NairNew York
Reflections on Fuzzy spaces, Landau levels and gravity
19 Armen NersessianYerevan
20 Vadim OhanyanYerevan
21 Rubik PoghossianYerevan and Rome
Deforming SW curve
22 Adam RejLondon
Integrability in AdS/CFT correspondence
23 Roldao da RochaSanto Andre
A Tutorial on quantum Clifford algebras and some of their applications
24 Armen SaghatelianYerevan
25 Akifumi SakoKushiro
Deformation quantization of instantons in R4
26 Marine SamsonyanRome
27 Gor SarkissianYerevan
Defects in the Liouville field theory
28 Jeremy SchiffRamat Gan
Between continuous and discrete in integrable systems
29 Robert SchraderBerlin
Finite wave propagation speed on metric graphs
30 Andrey SmilgaNantes
Dirac complex, twisted Dolbeault complex and supersymmetric quantum mechanics
31 Richard SzaboEdinburgh
Crystals, instantons and quantum geometry
32 Tigran TchrakianMaynooth
Abelian and non-abelian solitons stabilised by Chern--Simons charges: Hopf like solitons in all dimensions
33 Francesco ToppanRio de Janeiro
Extended supersymmetries in 1D
34 Alexander VeselovLoughborough
Deformed Calogero-Moser systems and Lie superalgebras
35 Andreas WipfJena
Supersymmetries of Dirac operators with examples
36 Vahagn YeghikyanYerevan
Hopf maps and Wigner's little groups